Sheltering Your Children; Why you will pay for it later……

If anyone knows the effects of sheltering your kids, that would be me with both hands…I currently have a 18 and 20-year-old living at home still and they don’t seem to want to leave the nest. I am starting to realize my mistakes of sheltering them as children and in some ways still now as young adults. Being a single mother through most of my children’s childhood and remembering the type of childhood I had, having an absentee father and present but absent mother. I would always swear to myself that if I ever had children, that I would be the best mother that I could be to my children. Now I can say that I did put my best foot forward and raised beautiful, great children. However the fashion in which I raised them has had some great effects on their lives.

As mothers and fathers we want to hurt, smash, and crush anything and anyone that touches or upset our babies in any way. We want to protect them from living a hard and troubling life sometimes to the point of speaking for and handling all of their business affairs, or am I the only one. Gee..I have it bad..I open and respond to their mail, fill out school and job applications, if their on the phone with Sprint, I take the phone and talk for them because I feel I don’t want them to be tricked or duped, when the truth is how will they learn not to be if I don’t allow them to experience it in the first pace….

So yes that is the easy but irritating part, your children will depend on you for everything, if you carry on like I do. However There is a bad and hard part. Which are the things I am starting to notice now…

  • Sheltered can’t cope with hard or stressful situations…
  • Once they are out of the shell and began to make friends, they are easily influenced by peers, and began to have repressed desires.
  • Your voice becomes silent until they need something from you
  • When they get out and see how big bad the world is, they will get frightened and not want to leave the nest that you have created.
  • You find yourself trying to tame a wild child and constantly correcting their mistakes, which can be really big mistakes.
  • And most of all “Absolutely No Common Sense” Kids today have none..

That was saying it lightly. I have gone through a lot with my two and I often wonder will they ever be able to stand on their own, God forbid I’m not here tomorrow. They will need to go on without me and at this time I don’t know if they could.  I say all that to say, Our children will become the adults we depend on tomorrow. Yes we want to protect them from harm’s way, but the truth is there is no gain if no growing pains are involved. We have to let them get their knees dirty and work some things out on their own in order to grow…

Thanks for reading….


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